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                  Owner/operators, Justin-gymnastics instructor, team coach, ninja coach
hello! I am Justin Thoms i have two children, Bryson age 15 and Brooklyn age 13. i currently reside in Fulton Illinois.  I have been running and teaching at Great River Gymnastics since I took over for bob douglas in 2016. But before that i have taught acrobatics and tumbling in Davenport IA.  my daughter Brooklyn has been coming here since she was 4 years old She loves power tumbling and dances competitively with acro dance. Bryson also recently joined gymnastics and dance. he also enjoys hiking, baseball, and Golf.  i love sharing my knowledge of  gymnastics, acrobatics, and personal fitness, to help children achieve their goals and to build healthy active life-styles.

           Justin's usga Certificates     
  Usga Safe sport certificates 1,2, and 3                                                                      Usga instructor certified
     gymnastics business foundations                                                         Usga professional member background check
Fundamentals of gymnastics instruction                                                                       safe sport practices
       gymnastics pro first aid                                                                                       cpr & Aed Certified
                  gymnastics sports science                                                          Preschool gymnastics development certificate
       safety and sports management
             stewards of children
                     gym cert 101
development coaches - hands on training
               instructor certified
       professional coach membership
           usa gymnastics fitness
                cpr & Aed certified
usga professional member background check

Amanda Cramer - Dance Director; Office Manager

Amanda has one daughter and two sons. They enjoy spending time at the gym for gymnastics, dance, and ninja warrior classes!  they also love participating in other sports activities. Amanda's love for dance stems from her daughter's love for it, as well as helping where she can to make everything run smoothly and properly for everyone involved. 


Jasmyn iburg- Dance instructor-

I have been dancing since I was a little girl. I started out doing all the classes but quickly favorited hip hop! I have taken hip hop for many years, so many that I cannot remember! I have also been in cheerleading since elementary school and continued all the way until 12th grade! I am from Morrison, Illinois but now reside in Clinton, Iowa. I have lived in Clinton for 5 years with my fiancé and my step daughter, who happens to love dancing at Great River! I am currently going to school to become and RN! This year will be my 3rd year with Great River and I couldn’t have asked for a better facility to teach and continue my love for dance and cheer with!  We have the best parents and students! I really enjoying working with all of them! I am really easy going - so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask!


Amy Craft, gymnastics Instructor and team coach since 2017.
Amy is a former gymnast who took many years of classes with bob douglas.  Amy and husband jason have three children, Elijah, Elaina, and Eleah who all enjoy the sport of gymnastics and dance. in Amy's free time, she enjoys running, outdoors, healthy and family activities.   Amy enjoys instructing the young age of gymnastics, and building a strong foundation of the sport. 

usga instructor certified
Professional Coach member
usga instructor background screen
usga safe sport
usga safe practices
Team Coach
CPR Certified

Claire Coons- Gymnastics Coach & Dance Coach

Hi I’m Claire Coons and I’m from Morrison, IL. I did gymnastics for most of my life and competed for over 5 years as well. I was training for level 9 when I had to quit due to an injury. My love for the sport has now brought me into the coaching world and I couldn’t be more thankful for that! I hope to inspire other athletes to fall in love with the sport that made me into the person I am today. I currently live with my boyfriend Cody and our two dogs, Rev and Roo. I have my associates degree in Human Services from Kirkwood Community College. I love to workout and run 5k’s in my free time.

ballet instructor-Linda Luckstead!
Linda discovered ballet as a child growing up in Clinton, where she began her early training. As a teen, she continued her studies in Chicago and New York City. In Chicago, she studied at Allegro School and Stone Camryn; in New York, at Ballet theater (now American Ballet Theatre); and Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo as a private student of Marie Swoboda. She studied jazz with Gus Giordano in Chicago and Buzz Cooper in New York. More recently, she has studied with Master Karlov Zsedenvi, presently teaching in New York; Robert Barnett of the Atlanta Ballet; Fred Mathews of New York City; and Lynn Taylor-Corbett. In 1981, as a member of the Quad City Civic Ballet Company, she created the role of Queen of the Night in its production of The Blue Bird. She was Artistic Director of the Quad City Company until she assumed the same position with Gateway Contemporary Ballet when it was founded in 1983.


Katie Gallagher Gymnastics instructor

I have been doing gymnastics since i was 11 years old with Bob douglas.   I helped coach with bob for two years before going off to college. In college i participated in club gymnastics.  I have been instructing at great river now for going on two years. I am a dog mom of 4, and have a baby boy!


usga instructor certified

usga instructor background screen

usga safe sport

usga safe practices

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