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“Warriors highly trained for strength, power and stealth”

The hit TV show “American Ninja Warrior” grows increasing popular in children.  We have decided to offer classes and birthday parties that have several activates, and obstacles based on the television show.

Ninja warrior Classes are a fun way for children to stay active, and stay fit.   Because flexibility and strength are the two most important parts to being a real ninja warrior, we start class with a warm up of stretching and strength building.   Many of the obstacles require upper body strength, so the majority of our warm ups will work on flexibility and strength building of the upper body. 

After warm up, we will focus on 2-3 different obstacles to work on during class.     During this time we will demonstrate, and teach the participants how to be safe and effective on each obstacle.    Obstacles change all the time, and rotate through different obstacles frequently. 

Once a month participants will go through the entire obstacle course and use what they learned through the month to conquer the course. 

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