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Gymnastics Classes

We offer Recreational and Competitive gymnastics; recreational age ranging from 3-17 years old, and competitive age ranging from 5-17 years old!

Because not all students want to do Apparatus classes, we split our gymnastics classes into two categories: Floor and Apparatus.
No child is required to take apparatus, but floor is required before apparatus can be taken.  Floor classes are 1 hour long each week, focusing on floor and trampoline tumbling. We split our students up in levels based on skill rather than age once we get past preschool (ages 3-5.)  

Apparatus class is 1 hour each week, and these classes focus on uneven bars, balance beam, and vaulting. 



Preschool Tumbling- 3-5 years old

Classes are 30 minutes long and will focus on basic tumbling moves such as somersaults Handstands, cartwheels, baby bridges, crab walks, jumps, balance, core strengthening, and coordination. 

Ages 5+ will have 1 hour class times, and meet once a week.

We offer six levels of classes. Student placement Is determined by skill level, and will be evaluated by staff.

Level 1 
ages 5+ will work on skills to build core strength, handstands, bridges and bridge recovery, cartwheels, splits, forward and backward rolls, pike, tuck and straddle jumps, walk overs, limbers etc.

Level 2 
Ages 5+ -  To progress to Level 2, students will need to be able to do a cartwheel, forward and backward rolls, stretch and tuck jumps. Level 2 tumblers will work on learning Walkovers, limbers, round off, Dive Rolls, and backbends and backbend recovery.


Level 3 

age 5+- To progress to Level 3, students will need to be able to do walk overs, limbers, round off, dive rolls, and backbends. Level 3 students will work on learning back handsprings, front tucks, round off back hand springs, and other combinations.

Level 4 
age 5+ - To progress to Level 4, students will need to be able to do back handsprings, front tucks, and round off back handsprings. Level 4 students will work on learning 5 back handsprings, aerials, round off + 3 back handsprings, front handsprings and back tucks.

Level 5 
age 5+ - To progress to Level 5, students will need to be able to do 5 back handsprings, aerials, round off 3 back handsprings, front handsprings, and back tucks. Level 5 tumblers will work on layouts, aerial walk overs, and combinations.

Level 6 
age 5+ - To progress to level 6, students will need to be able to do layouts, aerial walkovers, and alternates. Level 6 tumblers will work on cleaning up their skills, floor tumbling, and new combinations.

Private lessons are available for booking on the parent portal site, You must create an account to book private lessons.

Lesson length is either 30 minutes or 60 minutes and can be scheduled with Coach Justin or Coach Claire.


A Great way to spend a full hour class on Uneven Bars, Vault, and Beam. We break our apparatus classes into two different levels.

Introduction into all three areas of apparatus.  We will work on getting comfortable and familiar with each area. We will work on beginner skills and learning proper technique to build a foundation for a safe productive gymnastics career.


This is the next step to our apparatus class. we will start working on more difficult skills including cartwheels, handstands, mounts and dismounts on the beam, hip circles, casting, glides, and mounts and dismounts on the uneven bars, and proper approach, punch, and lifting skills on the vault. 


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